The Fourth Principle

Michael often talks during the show about the three principles behind the human experience. Listen in for an in depth exploration of what many people mistakenly think is a “fourth principle”, and how that can get in the way of your happiness, freedom, and creativity! (Original Airdate: December 5th 2013)

01:30- The Universal Constants
11:40- A corpse walks into a psychiatrist’s office
18:50- Life finds a way through the cracks
32:40- Why does the enlightened guy sound bored?
37:35- My favorite Zen story
42:00- Story: The Millionaire and the Fisherman

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As regular readers of these tips will know, my work is based around three principles – three constant forces that are always at play behind the scenes of any experience we are having, have had, or will ever have at any point in the future…

Back to Basics

The inside-out understanding is at the heart of all the coaching and sharing I do each week on my show. Listen live to this fun and informative exploration of the fundamental principles behind the human experience and how they free us up to experience more happiness, high performance, and spiritual fulfillment!

The Space Inside

There is a space inside of us through which we can access the very essence of life itself. Listen to discover this space inside yourself and learn how to live from it more and more in your daily life!