The Space Inside

There is a space inside of us through which we can access the very essence of life itself. Listen to discover this space inside yourself and learn how to live from it more and more in your daily life! (Original Airdate: June 4th 2015)

03:00- Living in thought-created realities
06:00- The ultimate medicine
13:00- Is life a journey, a grind, or…just life?
25:00- The Principle of Thought
31:20- Story- Asteroid B336
49:20- When Ego speaks*

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Back to Basics

The inside-out understanding is at the heart of all the coaching and sharing I do each week on my show. Listen live to this fun and informative exploration of the fundamental principles behind the human experience and how they free us up to experience more happiness, high performance, and spiritual fulfillment!

Why Not?

In a world where it seems as if our well-being is hanging in the balance at every turn, being overly careful can appear to be a sensible strategy. But in a world where our experience is being created from the inside-out, a more care-free approach to life opens up new possibilities wherever we go. Listen to get a sense of how simple life can be when you see that your essential happiness is never on the line!