Truth vs. Truthiness

Is Truth with a capital “T” a meaningful topic in the modern age? Join me to learn how “truthiness” can mess you up but the Truth can set you free!
(Original Airdate: July 14th 2016)

03:30- The problem with something that isn’t fundamentally true
13:50- Thought: Projector or Camera?
23:00- The unchanging Truths
36:00- Looking in a direction, seeing possibilities
45:45- On AA

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The Truth, My Truth, and “Truthiness” (#968)

One of the things that used to drive me nuts as a long time student and teacher of the structure of subjective experience was when people would share their point of view as if it was “the truth” in some objective sense. To me, such statements sounded arrogant, ignorant, and so fundamentally misguided that I tended (on a good day) to feel sorry for the purveyors of such “truths” and (on a bad day) to dismiss them and everything they said out of hand…