Where’s the Money?

Have you ever wondered where the money is going to come from for your next project, purchase, or payment? Listen live as I share strategies for facilitating the flow of money from wherever it is now to wherever you want it to go!

2:48 – Where does money come from?
5:40 – How to have more money
15:00 – The distinction between pain and suffering
18:10 – ADHD and trouble focusing/getting things done
25:41 – What to charge our clients
36:36 – Maintaining balance in chaotic times
41:33 – The Stockdale paradox

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What If Money’s Not Your Issue?

Do you think Money is your issue in this lifetime? What if it’s not, but rather the result of a misunderstanding of where the things we think money can buy actually come from? Speak with Michael live on air and discover how different the game of money looks from a higher perspective!