Coming Home

Join Michael this week to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself and learn how the feeling of “coming home” can be a gateway to a whole new world! 
(Original Airdate: July 10th 2014)

3:00- Coming home is actually a feeling
6:20- Bouncing back from divorce
19:30- The less you have on your mind…the better life gets
28:00- Fear and start-ups, business as art
45:00- Relationship insecurity, unrequited love

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Coming Home

I speak with Dr. Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff, co-authors of the new book “Coming Home”, about how to be more at home in yourself and in your life. Join us and learn to live from the deepest and best part of yourself – the space within!

Going Home

The spiritual journey is often expressed in the metaphor of “coming home” to a place that is intimately familiar but perhaps hasn’t been visited very much in a long while. Join Michael live for an exploration of the importance of this place in us and how we’re never more than one thought away from coming home.

Always Already Home

I had a bizarrely vivid dream last night. An old friend from school and I were involved in some sort of rebellion, undermining a police state and doing our best to stay one step ahead of whoever it was that was after us. At one point, after we’d been riding a train to get away from a failed attempt to kill us with a suitcase bomb when the train slowed and we hopped off in a strange place neither of us had ever been to before…