Living a Guided Life (November 1st – 19th)
A 3 week exploration into the heart of the inside-out understanding and a gently powerful way of being in the world

In over 30 years spent working with high-achievers in all areas of life, I’ve noticed that the people who consistently thrive have somehow stumbled across the ability to tap into a deeper level of the mind – the living intelligence behind life itself. They’ve learned to get their personal thinking out of the way enough to open up the space for a deeper guidance and insight to come through.

It happens in the shower, at the gym, driving into work, on walks in nature, or sipping coffee in a café. For some, it seems to be the fruit of a more formal ritual – a meditation practice in a darkened room, or a prayer to a higher power and a surrender of individual will in favor of divine guidance.

What is consistent is that these people have learned or intuitively realized that while factual questions (‘How do I get to the restaurant?’ ‘What’s the boiling temperature of water?’) can be searched in a database, more important questions (‘How do we grow the company quickly without overextending ourselves?’ ‘What shall we do about the problems of the world?’ ‘Who am I really and how shall I live?’) are best answered from somewhere beyond the intellect.

Most people don’t realize that this deeper intelligence is available to everyone and that if you let it, it will light your path and guide your journey step by step through life. This is what we’ll be exploring together in this three week online adventure.

Here’s how it all works…

  • We’ll meet online for an hour each day from Monday to Friday at 8am pacific/11am eastern/4pm UK * (*3pm UK for the first week only due to DST) with a four day video-based experiment in following guidance in the middle (All sessions will be recorded and available to revisit as often as you like)  
  • I’ll share a theme for the day, take questions, facilitate exercises, and offer up videos that will take “living a guided life” from a cool idea to a tangible reality
  • You’ll finish the program with a whole new way of thinking about navigating your life and a felt experience of the hope, possibility, and power within

Week One (November 1 – 5, Monday to Friday – calls at 8am PT, due to DST this week only please check your time zone!)
Beyond Empowerment
During our first week together, we’ll be taking a fresh look at the “if it’s to be, it’s up to me” mindset and how goal-setting can actually work against our having a wonderful life. We’ll explore the difference between intelligence and the intellect, why it’s so hard to let it be easy, and just how effortless the process of growth can be.

Week Two (November 8 – 11, Monday to Thursday)
Finding Flow
Our second week will be all about flow – that gorgeous feeling of be carried along on the river of life using “just in time” wisdom to guide the way. You’ll see just how portable the zone really is, and how you can find flow in literally any and every area of your life.

Video Interlude (November 12 – 15, Friday to Monday)
From Theory to Practice
They say the difference between theory and practice is that in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice but in practice there inevitably is. Each morning from Friday to Monday you’ll get a brief video catalyst designed to spark the actual experience of living a guided life, taking our conversation out of the realm of ideas and concepts and turning theory into practice.

Week Three (November 16 – 19, Tuesday to Friday)
Riding the Magic Carpet
In our last week together, we’ll play with the day to day realities of a guided life. You’ll get the chance to bring forward any fears and doubts that still look real to you, and we’ll explore the practicalities of this whole new way of being in the world.

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Program Includes

  • 6 Sessions