Financial Independence Day

Are you ready to live a life independent of financial stress and worry? Listen live – the solution may be simpler than you think!
(Original Airdate: July 5th, 2012)

6:00- Where to find security
14:00- I can’t pay rent…why aren’t I panicked?
23:23- The Freedom Fund
26:30- You don’t need to be positive to succeed
40:00- My problem is your attitude
44:00- Stressful jobs do not exist

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In a world where it seems as if our well-being is hanging in the balance at every turn, being overly careful can appear to be a sensible strategy. But in a world where our experience is being created from the inside-out, a more care-free approach to life opens up new possibilities wherever we go. Listen to get a sense of how simple life can be when you see that your essential happiness is never on the line!