How to Improve Your Self-Improvement with Mark Howard


The foundation for most attempts at self-improvement rests on a simple misunderstanding – the idea that there is something fundamentally wrong with you which needs to be fixed, changed, or improved upon. But the truth of the matter is equally simple – you are already enough, exactly as you are.

In this two hour interactive talk, licensed psychologist Dr. Mark Howard and bestselling author Michael Neill will share stories taken from their collective 50+ years of experience working with clients to help you gain an appreciation for:

  • How to be happy and content before anything in our life changes “for the better”. Our natural state in life is self-esteem. Once you see this for yourself, you can live knowing that you are already okay and can handle any circumstance without being overcome by what you are “facing”, no matter how difficult it may seem in the moment.
  • How self-evaluation can be the primary obstacle to our well-being. Contrary to the way it seems, constantly thinking about how you are doing moves you away from the natural well-being available to us 24/7.
  • How the innocent misuse of our thinking leads us to believe we need to improve ourselves. The thought that our lives would be better “if only” we had something that we lack leads us on a wild goose chase for self-perfection and a “perfect” life. When you stop chasing your own tail, you’ll be amazed at how much energy gets freed up for creating and enjoying a life that you love.
  • How a clear and quiet mind brings forth well -being and an innate wisdom to guide us toward more contentment and satisfaction. Contentment and satisfaction are the ultimate aim of all attempts at self-improvement. However, true contentment surfaces the moment we stop believing there is anything to improve.

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