How to Swim Like a Dolphin in a Town Full of Sharks with Mark Howard


Do you feel rejected when a mean-spirited person dismisses you or your work?

Does it devastate you when your ideas are taken over by an aggressively competitive person?

Or, do you simply lose your emotional well being in the presence of a self-serving critical person and begin questioning the value of your ideas instead of the wisdom or insight of the critic?

You are not alone!

Without some insight into the inside-out nature of experience, we all become vulnerable to losing our well being, optimism, and confidence every time we are faced with someone who is aggressive, mean-spirited, or even unintentionally hurtful. We feel rejected, disappointed, deflated, and even angry. We lose our emotional bearings, and if we’re not careful we either become what we despise or we get eaten alive.

Here’s the good news…

Even a small glimpse behind the curtain of the human experience reveals three simple principles that naturally insulate us from the attacks of self-serving people and allow us to maintain our emotional stability and self-confidence in the face of rejection emotional threats. As our understanding of these principles grows, we can be in the presence of a mean spirited, aggressive person and not only keep our bearings but actually find wise, creative solutions and begin to thrive.

Join bestselling author and transformative coach Michael Neill alongside clinical psychologist Dr. Mark Howard and discover:

  • How to easily keep your bearings in the face of constant rejection
  • The innate resilience that will allow you to quickly rebound from even the worst criticism imaginable.
  • Where to look within yourself for the wisdom that prevents mean spirited thoughts from renting space in your head.

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