All The Time In The World

We’ve all got 168 hours in a week, so why is it that some people seem to have more than enough time to do what they want and others struggle to find time for anything? Join Michael live this week for a time-bending exploration of how so much more is possible than we think!

1:30- Chainsaw juggler story // Time is a matter of perspective
14:00- Trying to fix a loved one’s life
23:00- How to talk about the inside out nature of the human experience
37:00- New coach insecurities
47:00- My favorite management system

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In a world where we are bombarded by “shortcuts to success”, it’s interesting to consider how the people who are actually at or near the top of their field, for any length of time, got there through consistent effort, over time. Join Michael, live for this reflection on what actually leads to sustainable success at work and in life!