Living from the Inside Out Presence

What does it mean to be truly present? What is behind the power of now? Join Michael live for a real-time experience of that which is beyond time!

01:00- Taking a deeper look at the mind // Capital ‘T’ Truth
08:00- What is presence?
17:25- Stendhal Moments
22:40- Euclidian geometry and made-up principles
46:45- On The Matrix trilogy

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The Joy of Remembering

This past month was supposed to be my summer sabbatical in Sri Lanka – a chance to rest, reflect, recharge, renew, and work on my tan. While I did get through six novels (including Philip Kerr’s amazing Berlin Noir trilogy) and an equal number of volumes of business development and spiritual philosophy, life intervened in my grand plans and we wound up having to cancel our family vacation. Instead, I spent the majority of my time off adapting to my wife’s newly broken legs, trying to move house, and recovering from gum surgery…

Going Deeper

When I first began learning about the Three Principles, I threw myself into the field with my usual ‘kitchen sink’ abandon, reading every book multiple times, listening to every audio I could get my hands on, going on every course…

All The Time In The World

We’ve all got 168 hours in a week, so why is it that some people seem to have more than enough time to do what they want and others struggle to find time for anything? Join Michael live this week for a time-bending exploration of how so much more is possible than we think!

The Simulation Hypothesis

While driving home from the beach a few months back, my daughter asked me a question that took me by surprise.

“Dad,” she began, “do you think we live in a simulation?”

When I asked her what she meant, she said that a number of her friends were discussing something called “the Simulation Hypothesis” and that Elon Musk had expressed that “it’s pretty much a lock we’re living inside some kind of a cosmic hard drive”.

The Chair Analogy

As regular readers of these blogs will know, I love a good analogy. While facts and figures can be the key to a deeper understanding of some things, I find that in conversations about our deeper spiritual nature, metaphors and analogies seem to be more helpful to more people more of the time.

So when one of the participants on this year’s Advanced Course 4.0 asked a question last week about what she could do to stay more present to this deeper self in daily life, I was delighted with the analogy that came to mind…