Living from the Inside Out Presence

What does it mean to be truly present? What is behind the power of now? Join Michael live for a real-time experience of that which is beyond time!

01:00- Taking a deeper look at the mind // Capital ‘T’ Truth
08:00- What is presence?
17:25- Stendhal Moments
22:40- Euclidian geometry and made-up principles
46:45- On The Matrix trilogy

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All The Time In The World

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Three Things I Know to Be True (#965)

One of the themes in pretty much all principles-based coach, therapist, or teacher training is that the most impactful things we share are those things we know to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt. We see them not with certainty, which at a moments notice can be converted back to the doubt from whence it came, but with clarity – the capacity of consciousness to see what is real in real time…

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Going Deeper

When I first began learning about the Three Principles, I threw myself into the field with my usual ‘kitchen sink’ abandon, reading every book multiple times, listening to every audio I could get my hands on, going on every course…