What’s Right With You?

There is nothing wrong with you that can’t be fixed by what’s right with you. Tune in live to discover how much easier life can be when you focus on your innate health, creativity, and resilience!

01:52 – There is nothing wrong with you that can’t be fixed by what’s right with you
05:00 – Every human is sitting in the middle of mental health, they just don’t know it
19:51 – Why our partner’s can’t make us happy
26:36 – What depression really is
31:35 – The Inside-Out Understanding (The 3 principles)
50:29 – The three reasons why people fail

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What Are You Listening For? (#923)

On my recent trip to London, I had the chance to meet with hundreds of people who have been impacted by the inside-out understanding and the three simple principles that create our experience of life, for better and for worse. Many of them shared stories of dramatic changes they’ve experienced in their lives, from reconciled marriages to recovery from depression and from giving up alcohol to breakthrough performance on the golf course. Others had simpler stories to share of experiencing greater happiness and less suffering in the midst of their day to day lives, without anything much changing in their circumstances one way or another…

Game Changers

What actually happens in those life changing moments when nothing changes but everything’s different? Michael shares stories from his own life and practice about what life-changing moments really are and how to have more of them!