Meditation Without Meditating

Are you a meditator? Do you think you should be? Listen live as Michael explores the benefits of meditation and why practicing meditation may or may not be the best way to experience them!

01:00- Meditating vs the state of meditation
13:00- Being stalked by God
19:50- The opposite of stress
25:07- Trying to ‘get’ the benefits
36:23- Getting caught up in the snowflakes
46:48- T.S. Eliot Poem- The Four Quartets

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The Fastest Way to a Quiet Mind (#703)

Close your eyes for a minute or so and just listen to whatever sounds are going on around you. Be “a rock with ears” – hearing sounds the way a video camera would, without any preference for one sound over another or story about what the sounds mean or where they come from.

Weaponizing the Principles

For more than a decade, I have been sharing a spiritual understanding of life that is more commonly known as either “the 3 Principles” or “the inside-out understanding”.

When they talk about it in terms of the inside-out understanding, they’re pointing to the fact that the human experience only unfolds in one direction – from formless to form, inside to out, thought to experience.