Ordinary Awakening with Joe Bailey

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Are you longing for more wealth, fame, success, love, or material stuff? ​Have you ever wondered why so many of us seem to be searching for that something that will change our lives? What if ​what we are seeking is right in front of us, under our noses, in plain sight? What if unbeknownst to us, what we ​are searching for is so ordinary, so simple and ​so ​available that we​ almost miss it? In this seminar​,​ Joe Bailey and Michael Neill will share their own journeys and ​what they have learned about the simple but profound ​principles behind the human experience.​ Join us for this day of discovery and you will:

  • Gain an appreciation for ​ordinary moments ​which ​reveal the powers of insight, creativity, and ​surprisingly simple ​solutions to life’s challenges and difficultie​s
  • Realize that ​everyone ​has ​the potential to awaken​, including you​
  • Discover the simplicity of waking up to seeing our thinking in the moment
  • Give up the search for that one big realization so that the ordinary becomes extraordinary

​As you begin to witness the ordinary miracle of this life and our connection to it, you will stop judging yourself as faulty and live with a greater sense of peace, acceptance, and well-being. Instead of trying to think more positively, you will find yourself living more and more in the natural flow of being.