Overthinking Everything

Do you overthink pretty much everything in your life? Tune in live this week as Michael demonstrates how much simpler things get when you stop overthinking them and begin to relax into your inner sense of knowing!

05:30- Preparing vs Overthinking
12:50- Why we do affirmations*
25:18- A universal diagnosis for what we all suffer from
33:40- The most useful thing i’ve found for helping with overthinking
41:50- All we are ever doing
46:20- How do I remind myself to stop overthinking?

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Cultivating Freedom of Mind

One morning I was driving my daughter Maisy to school when she asked me, ‘If you had a dollar for every time you overthought things, how rich would you be?’
I laughed in recognition of the fact that in the economy of overthinkers, I would be a wealthy man indeed….