Creativity Video Bundle


5 Workshops, over 13 hours of video and downloadable audios.

Guest presenters include: Dr George Pransky, Cathy Casey, Mark Howard, Gabriela Maldonado-Montano and Jack Pransky.



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Creativity is the raw material of our dreams, and the ultimate resource for making those dreams come true. So wouldn’t it be great to be able to access the most creative, innovative part of yourself on demand?

In this series of five workshops with some very special guests, I explore the nature of creativity and the real source of our creative genius.

Creativity on Demand

The creative impulse allows us to innovate solutions and envision possibilities. It lets us create works of art and bring artistry to our work.

    You will learn:
  • Why you’re more creative than you think
  • What stops you from expressing your creativity and what will set it free
  • How to bring your creative genius to bear in every area of your life


Run Time: 2 hours


Problem Solving from the Inside-Out

Are you tired of struggling with the same things day after day, month after month, and year after year Would you like to be able to solve even the biggest problems in your life from a place of ease and well-being?

    Watch this video to learn:

  • How to solve, resolve, or dissolve any problem
  • Why the key to solving problems is something you already have inside you
  • What lets us know if we’re on track or off-track in our problem solving efforts
  • What it’s like to step into the space beyond problems and live life with more confidence and grace

Run time: 2 hours


Full Out and Fearless

What would it be like to let your light shine so brightly that it illuminates the world around you?

    Join us to discover:

  • The difference between courage and fearlessness
  • How to find your inner spark and what it takes to light yourself on fire
  • What causes “burnout” and how to avoid it
  • The principles behind infinite creativity and effortless success

Run Time: 5 hours


Getting Unstuck

When a stick gets stuck in a stream, it doesn’t need years of therapy – it needs a gentle nudge back into the flow of the water it’s floating on. And the same thing is true for us as human beings – it’s easier than we think to get back into the flow of our creativity, our sense of hope, and our lives.

Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block, feeling stuck in your career, bumping against the edges of a relationship that you’re not even sure is worth saving, or simply want to live more in the freshness of each moment, this will loosen up your thinking and nudge you back into the flow of your life!​

Run time: 2 hours


How to Stifle Your Creative Genius!

If you’ve ever been stuck in your head or in your life, chances are you’re the innocent victim of a simple misunderstanding about how the mind works. In this workshop, we explore the nature of creativity and the source of creative genius, including:

  • Your personal “time machine” – what takes us in and out of the present moment
  • The difference between innate creativity and skills that need to be learned and practiced
  • Why some people seem to be continually creating new things (and how you can be one of them)
  • How things get unstuck and how to get going on your next creative project

Run time: 2 hours