Shooting the Rapids with Ali Campbell


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About This Workshop

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more time?

Do you get overwhelmed, anxious, or worried about things slipping through the cracks?

Do you sometimes wish that you could just stop the world and get off for a rest?

If life seems like it’s going a mile a minute and you’re struggling to keep up, there’s good news ahead – you can learn to slow down the pace of life without giving up, dropping out, or losing your edge.

In this day long event, two of the world’s leading life coaches, Michael Neill and Ali Campbell, will be your guides on the adventure of a lifetime – inside the human mind and into the uncharted territory of your future.

You will learn:

  • The principles behind the human experience, and why understanding them simplifies the game of life
  • The secret of “letting go for it” – how to succeed beyond the illusion of control
  • Why things sometimes seem so hard, and what makes them easy (or at least easier than they are now)
  • How to embrace the speed of life without trying to make it go any faster (or slower) than it is
  • How to put the fun and sparkle into your life and enjoy smiling and succeeding from the inside out
  • Why doing less on the inside is the fastest way to more on the outside and how to enjoy the innate truth of your wellbeing.