Ten Thousand Fireflies (#869)

As  you are no doubt aware (and my apologies if it feels as though I’ve bombarded you with the information :-), my newest book, The Inside-Out Revolution was released worldwide in the past week.  Despite a few glitches (Amazon in the US was late getting stock and then sold out before it could fulfill all the orders), the book quickly went into the top 100 books in the United Kingdom and hit number one in both the Self-Help and New Age categories.

And yet, despite the fact that this is my fourth published book, it’s the first time where I haven’t had a clear goal for how many copies I wanted the book to sell or a “master plan” for achieving it.  I just kind of want to have fun getting the message of the book out into the world, and am excited about this book as a vehicle for sharing it:

  • Our experience of life is created by thought, not circumstance
  • We have an unlimited capacity for new thinking and with it new possibilities for experience
  • There is an energy and intelligence behind life that will work through us to accomplish amazing things if we let it
  • We are a part of a larger unfolding

I’m excited about this book as a vehicle for sharing that message, and I’ve been heartened by the way people have responded so far.  I’ve received unsolicited texts, emails and phone calls raving about it, and inspired emails from early readers around the world sharing their stories about how the inside-out understanding and the three principles behind it have revolutionized their lives, and we’ve begun to collect some of these stories to share with the wider world.  (You can read inspirational stories or contribute one of your own here.)

Of course, all this nobility of spirit is a fine thing, but a friend took me to one side a few weeks back and asked if I didn’t really have a “secret goal” for how many copies the book would sell.  I laughed, because I knew exactly what he meant – we self-help authors have a nasty habit of saying “I just want to make a difference to as many people as I can” while secretly spending our days online watching our self-esteem go up and down with our Amazon rankings.  But to my delight, this time around I couldn’t find too many insecure thoughts hiding in my psyche.

Here’s how I explained my vision to him (and to my publishers):

Instead of loading up a rocket with motivational fuel and trying to blast it out into the world, imagine the sky filled with ten thousand fireflies, every one of them lit from within by the wisdom of their own understanding.  Each of these fireflies will go out into their communities and share the warmth of their light, and that in turn will inspire others to awaken to their own inner light and begin to live in the world of deeper feelings that are our birthright as human beings.

Have fun, learn heaps, and may the light within you illuminate the world around you!

With all my love,

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