“The Indestructible Element in Oneself” (#936)

I’m just coming to the end of an amazing couple of weeks in Scandinavia, working with five different groups over a period of one to three days. These groups have been made up of CEO’s, government officials, athletes, celebrities, leaders, trainers, coaches, and consultants, very few of them who spoke English as a first language.

Yet for all that variance, there was one thing that all five groups had in common: not long after we began speaking about the nature of Mind (universal intelligence), Thought (infinite creative potential), and Consciousness (our capacity for experience and deeper understanding), their thinking began to settle down and the room was filled with a palpable sense of spaciousness and quiet. As we spoke together in that quiet, people began having insights into their circumstances, their relationships, and themselves. Eyes lit up, new connections were made, strangers became friends and friends deepened their bond in a matter of hours.

The spaciousness that people found themselves in is, as best as I can tell, our natural state – like a default setting for the human mind. It is the seat of the human potential – a kind of a “base camp” from which we can go forth and explore the world. Here’s how I’ve written about it elsewhere:

There is a deeper part of all of us that remains unchanged regardless of what our bodies and personalities have been through in life. It is the innate well-being that we were born into; the innate wisdom that has guided us at key moments in our lives when we suddenly knew what to do from a place that seemed somehow outside of our normal consciousness and yet absolutely right and true.

When we are in touch with that place, we have a sense of expansiveness and possibility. The world feels vast, yet we feel up to the challenge of living in it because we too, at this level of understanding, are vast.  It is the space where miracles happen, predictable synchronicities, delivering “unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamt would come his way.”

From this place, we feel we can take on the world because in a very real way, we are the world.

This deeper part of ourselves is unchanging, and exists beyond whatever personal trials and tribulations we might face. It is what Syd Banks described as “pure consciousness, uncontaminated by personal thinking”; what Franz Kafka called “the indestructible element in oneself”. And the more time we spend connected with that part of ourselves, the more beautiful our life, and the impact of that life, becomes.

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