The Three Principles

At the heart of the inside-out understanding are three spiritual principles. Listen live as Michael does his best to “eff the ineffable” and give you a sense of how those principles are already at work in every area of your life and why it matters!

01:00- Story: On writing Creating the Impossible
05:30- Michael’s first experience with the 3 Principles
18:00- All humans have this inner ability
29:00- On Self Consciousness
41:00- To be aware of the rapture of being alive

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Back to Basics

The inside-out understanding is at the heart of all the coaching and sharing I do each week on my show. Listen live to this fun and informative exploration of the fundamental principles behind the human experience and how they free us up to experience more happiness, high performance, and spiritual fulfillment!

As Good As New with Joe Bailey

About This Talk What if resilience – the ability to bounce back from any adversity “as good as new” — was not a skill to be learned but rather an innate human capacity, always available to us and hidden in plain sight?There are three simple principles at the heart of what it is to be…