Things I’m Avoiding Doing December Challenge Day Sixteen – The Ultimate Getting Stuff Done System

I first learned this simple “system” from my friend Steve Chandler, author of Time Warrior:
  1. Get two pieces of paper. (I like to use the top two pages of a ‘Post-it’ pad, but it really doesn’t matter!)
  2. On the first page, write the words ‘”The only thing I have to do today is…”
  3. On the second page, write out a fairly comprehensive version of your “Things I’m avoiding doing” list.
  4. When it’s time to begin working through your list, choose one item off the list to work on first. Rewrite it on the first page, making sure it’s an action and not a “mini-goal”. For example:

    The only thing I have to do today is…
    Finish writing the day sixteen email

  5. Actually do whatever you have written down as if it’s the only thing you have to do today.
  6. When you complete that item, cross it off both lists and repeat steps 4 – 6 as needed.

With all my love,

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