Things I’m Avoiding Doing December Challenge Day Twenty Six – Finish Strong

A lot of the mini-exercises and experiments I’ve offered up over the course of our time together are in the “little and often” category, where you effectively peck your list to completion – sort of the productivity management equivalent of “death by a thousand paper-cuts”.

As we head into our final week, I’d like to invite you to try the opposite. Here’s how I wrote about it in the form of a dialogue between a coach and a client in Creating the Impossible, adapted with permission from Steve Chandler’s book The Story of You:

“Do you want to reach your impossible goal?”

Well, yeah, that’s why we’re working together. Do you know how I can do it?”

“Sure, I know how you can do it.”

“Well, how?”

“Overwhelm it.”


“Overwhelm it.”

“Well, what exactly do you mean by that?”

“Well, take massive action from a wild high-energy state that dwarfs the goal and overwhelms it. Be inappropriate to the goal.”

“You want me to be inappropriate?”

“I do.”

“In what way?”

“Don’t take the appropriate amount of action. Take action that is absurdly disproportionate to the goal. Embarrass the goal. Knock it out of the universe. Smash it, slaughter it, and atomize it with crushing action. Go crazy on it. Beat it to a pulp. That’s my advice.”

Today, and throughout the week ahead, consider ignoring your loved ones, moving to a cabin (real or metaphorical) in the backwoods of Maine or Sweden (whichever is closer), and focusing in on your list until it’s completely done.

(But of course if that doesn’t appeal for some reason, you can always just do a little bit more than you normally would and see what happens… 🙂

Have fun, learn heaps, and let’s get stuff done!

With all my love,

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