Unleashing the Human Potential (#951)

When I first became a transformative coach, I noticed that the clients who reported the most positive and pervasive life changes were those who stumbled across an incredible resource inside them – a deeper intelligence that manifests for each of us as our own personal wisdom and genius.

This quickly became the guiding vision in my work – waking people up to this deeper creative intelligence which is always available but rarely called up on. My company is called “Genius Catalyst Inc.”, and the primary purpose of our work is to assist people in uncovering this innate wisdom and supporting them in “bringing their genius to life”.

There are three primary obstacles which keep us from accessing this deeper intelligence on a regular basis:

1. Not knowing it exists

There is a story in my wife’s family that when her mother got her first car, she complained that it wasn’t working properly as it struggled to get up over ten miles per hour. When they took it back to the dealer, he pointed out to her that she’d never taken it out of first gear. Similarly, if you don’t know that there is a deeper part of the mind that will help you to navigate your life with ease and grace, you can easily be excused for not looking to it.

Yet whether we consciously attribute them to a deeper intelligence or not, our best ideas, major innovations, and life-changing insights have invariably come to us “out of the blue” or we “just suddenly knew what to do”. This is our deeper wisdom in action, delivering exactly what we need when we need it in order to go beyond the current limitations in our thinking.

2. Not knowing how to access it

Over the weekend, I facilitated a “Time to Thrive” small group intensive in New Orleans.

One of the metaphors that came up in the group was how as a child, many of us had the experience of carving out channels in the sand to funnel sea water in whatever direction we chose.

In the same way, when we ask ourselves a question and then allow ourselves time and space to reflect, noodle, or daydream about it without attempting to force an answer, the question itself becomes a channel for a river of fresh thinking and insights to flow.

3. Not knowing we can rely on it

One of the biggest obstacles we face have in unleashing the deeper potential of the mind is dismissing this impersonal intelligence as an “emergency-only resource”, thinking that we can effectively navigate our lives the majority of the time with critical thinking alone. In fact, critical thinking, logic, and analysis used on their own are as likely to paralyze us into indecision and inaction as to move us forward.

While I have had experiences throughout my life of being “saved by insight”, pulling a rabbit out of my hat at the last possible moment, it seemed to me that it was something that just happened in those rare moments when my back was against the wall and my intellect couldn’t pull me through. Yet more recently, it’s become apparent to me that not only is insight always available, it’s as reliable in solving small problems as big ones.

For example, a few weeks back I was handed a packet of almonds by the stewardess on a flight home from Boston. Hungry though I was, that packet foiled every attempt I made to open it, from ripping it with my teeth to squeezing it in an attempt to pop it like a balloon. Suddenly it occurred to me that as insight was a natural function of our innate intelligence, I could turn even a problem as mundane as this one over to it. Within seconds of letting go of trying to figure it out, it occurred to me to poke it with my pen, and soon I was enjoying my snack and marveling at the simple yet practical gift of the deeper mind.

And this is the ultimate promise of the human potential – that the infinite intelligence of the universe is closer than you think, more practical than you expect, and easier to tap into than you imagine.

With all my love,

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