What Is “Supercoaching”?

For more than a decade, Michael has been teaching coaches to transform lives through a unique understanding of who people really are and where our experience comes from. Listen live this week as Michael both talks about and demonstrates what’s possible when you get truly present with another human being in the space where miracles happen!

06:40- The 3 Levels of Coaching
09:45- Transformative coaching
13:00- Variations of ‘Outside-in’ thinking
19:00- Caller: Live coaching from the different levels of coaching
31:25- Story: The man who lived by the river
40:00- Selling the benefits, not the features
49:25- There’s not a right way to art

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What Do Human Beings Do?

In our quest to successfully navigate our lives, many of us look to the successes and failures of our peers and predecessors. But what happens when we look beyond any one individual’s efforts and see what we can see about the human potential? Join Michael for live coaching and a fun and friendly exploration of what’s truly possible!

The Three Levels of Change (#728)

Traditional coaching takes place primarily on a horizontal dimension – coaches assist their clients in getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Yet lasting, sustainable change nearly always happens in the vertical dimension – a deepening of the ground of being of the client and greater access to inspiration and spiritual wisdom.

The Three Levels

There are three levels at which we can support our clients, employees, and loved ones – join Michael to learn about the three levels and why which one you choose can have a profound impact on you, the people you care about, and even your income!