Why Don’t We Always Just Live from Mind? (#967)

We’re just finishing up the last weekend of our small group Living from Mind program, and ​one of the things we’ve been exploring is this:

Given that we all love and value the richness, deeper feelings, and wisdom that come from living from the deeper mind, why don’t we do it all the time?

​This is a question I’ve wrestled with for a number of years in my own life, and the metaphor I shared speaks to both my own experiences of spiritual essence and my reluctance to share them as openly as I could:

Imagine that you are the pilot of a small spaceship patrolling the asteroid fields in the Gamma quadrant.  Since you first took the job, you heard rumors about an unusually large asteroid known only as XCF-531 which was rumored to be made of a rare mineral with exceptional healing properties. Some of the stories told about this asteroid are of almost biblical proportions, telling tales of ancient civilizations who built their home on it and intrepid explorers who had somehow found their way there centuries before space travel was even invented.Of course, you go to check it out at your first opportunity, but to your disappointment it looks a lot like any other asteroid – barren, rocky, and desolate – and you chock the stories up to the overactive imaginations of a superstitious populace.

Then one day, your patrol takes you back into the vicinity of XCF-531 and you decide to take a closer look. The moment you bring your ship into its orbit, you feel a strangely peaceful, almost sleepy feeling descending on you. You immediately check to see if the oxygen levels in your ship have dropped, but you find that all systems within the ship are stable.

As you settle into orbit, you look down and to your amazement what seemed from a distance like a barren desert appears rich with life. The entire asteroid seems to be alive, and you can almost hear the hum of that life over the roar of your spaceship’s engines.

You check the ship’s readings and find to your surprise that the asteroid’s atmosphere will support human life, so you decide to ignore protocol and beam yourself down to the asteroid’s surface. Although you know you should be afraid to be heading out into the unknown, you feel surprisingly calm, as though every cell in your body is telling you that all is well.

What happens next is a bit of a jumble. The first thing you notice is the feeling – a kind of blissful energetic buzz that you normally associate with the sweet emptiness of the moment when you first wake up, before the cares of the day find their way back into your head.  Soon, you get used to the feeling, and the sleepiness is replaced by a remarkable sense of ease and clarity. Your senses seem heightened, and you can see an almost visible life force emanating from the thriving ecosystem on the asteroid’s surface.

As you enjoy breathing in the richly oxygenated atmosphere, you can almost feel your body rejuvenate as it rests in healing bliss. With your renewed sense of mental clarity, you find yourself just knowing things you’ve wondered about for ages, and you imagine how much better your life would be if you could only live it with this level of mental alertness and profound well-being.

Too soon, it’s time to return to your ship, and you resolve that not only will you come back daily, but that you will share the healing properties of what you have felt and seen with the entire universe so that no one need ever suffer again.

As you leave the asteroid’s orbit, excited about sharing your findings with others,​ you don’t even notice the feelings of well-being slip away and the cares of the world taking their place.​ In fact, the further away you get from the asteroid, the more the whole experience feels like a dream. Surely that life force that you saw was just an optical illusion, and even if the asteroid could sustain life, it couldn’t possibly have had the healing effect you had imagined.

You decide not to report what you saw to your colleagues lest they think you’ve gone a bit “woo woo” from spending too much time on your own, and before long you carry on with your patrols as before, only occasionally thinking back to the memory of the beautiful feelings you felt while orbiting XCF-531 and wondering what it would be like to return…

While understanding why even those of us who have been deeply touched by spirit often plod through our lives only occasionally revisiting our spiritual core has its merits, the polar opposite of this exploration is at the heart of our Time to Thrive intensives: ​

​How can we live more in tune with the deepest, best, and most authentic part of ourselves?​ What kind of world gets created when you first seek to thrive in yourself and in your life?

The answers to these questions are the ones I’m living in to in my own life, and I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered so far for yourself…

​What ​is your experience of the deeper mind? ​ How do you sustain your connection?​ What has today’s tip prompted in you?

Please share your thoughts ​and ​ ​i​nsights on the Inside-Out community page!

With all my love,

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