Contemporary Sages and Kick-Ass Saints (#902)

When I was around 20 years old and first learning about life and spirit, I thought it would be amazing to put together an acting school that taught people about spirituality and life.  My own sense of myself as having an existence beyond my personality first came during a production of West Side Story,  and it struck me as a perfect forum for people to learn about the deeper nature of the human potential in a practical and enjoyable context.

As I moved on from acting to writing, teaching, and coaching, my vision of the school changed and in 2010, Supercoach Academy was born as a place to share the best of what I’d learned and the best of what was out in the world about “practical spirituality” – getting things done in the horizontal dimension of life with an ever-deepening awareness of the vertical dimension.

At the end of the 2012 Academy, I knew I needed to take time to step back from that iteration of the school and take a fresh look at how my understanding of life, love, relationships, success, wealth, and spirit had evolved beyond the forum I’d created in which to teach.  I was aware that the realm I wanted to work in was the place where the formless world of pure potential gets translated into the created world of form – the space where miracles happen.

So for the past 18 months, I’ve been re-designing and re-visioning the Academy to create a place where people can not only experience a foundational shift in their own lives but also consistently facilitate that shift in the lives of others.  The goal of that shift is not just to deal with life more gracefully but to make more of an impact with that life – to answer the poet Mary Oliver’s simple yet inspirational question:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

In the course of my exploration, I came across a memorandum from Robert Rabbin republished in the enlightening business book Source by Joseph Jaworski. While the memo was written in relation to one of Jaworski’s major projects, the Global Leadership Change Lab, bits of it spoke to the heart of what I was looking to create in this new Academy:

When people fall into the rabbit hole of non-being, the nature of their being is changed.  The nature of their will is changed. We come to words like “surrender and “devotion.”  We come to the intersection of time and timelessness, of effort and grace, of doing and non-doing – of living beyond defining dualities and the seeming invincibility of our ideas….

Will this be spoken about [in the program], and will it be demonstrated? Will your facilitators have the qualities and character to embody and transmit this great true and simple thing that since the beginning of time has set fire to souls and aroused their infinite capacities to build arks, an not for animals, but for love?

…Will [your program] make these kinds of “legendary” leaders who, by their very presence, will call people and cause people to rise up to their higher selves in real and telling ways?

…How do we fill the world with contemporary sages and kick-ass saints, who are as adept at surrendering themselves to the Silence as they are at innovating initiatives of breathtaking power?  How do emerging leaders keep pace with being and non-being at the same time?

These words have served as a guiding inspiration for me in creating Supercoach Academy 2014, and I’m incredibly excited to be joining all of you who have chosen to attend over the next year of our one and only wild and precious lives.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to share the principles behind the human experience with you in as many different forms as occur to me.  Please know that I appreciate your continued readership of these “tips” and the incredible sharing of these ideas that has spawned an inside-out revolution around the globe.

May the new year bring you everything you hope for, and may you bring a deep sense of peace, creativity, and love to the new year…

With all my love,


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