Week One: Beyond Self-Improvement

It’s virtually impossible to hear about the Three Principles and not think about how they might change you and your life for the better. But trying to use Mind, Consciousness, and Thought as tools for self-improvement is like trying to use gravity, lift, thrust, and drag as tools for building a better airplane. It’s not the principles themselves that make things better – it’s gaining a truer “beyond the intellect” feeling for them that seems to streamline our ability to thrive in the world.

Week Two: Getting Eyes for Mind

What if ​”the energy and intelligence of all things, whether in form or formless” was already at work giving you everything you need at the exact moment that you need it? Wouldn’t it be a shame to have a wonderful life and not notice?

During our second week together, we’ll be exploring how trusting and relying on Mind in the moment is a natural effect of seeing it in action in every area of our lives.

Week Three: Living in a Deeper Feeling

Without the quiet peace of Mind and the expansive spaciousness of Consciousness, the principles are just an interesting form of cognitive psychology; without a deep understanding of the inside-out nature of reality, chasing beautiful feelings is just another form of addiction.

As we spend a third week exploring the truth of the Principles, we’ll focus in on what it is to live in and from the deeper feelings of our essential nature without having to fix, change, or cope with the emotional roller coaster of our personal thinking. This is the ultimate payoff of a deeper understanding – a more pervasive sense of peace and a life well-lived.

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