Creating the Impossible 2.0 (#950)

In 2009, I launched the first iteration of what quickly became the most popular online program we’ve ever offered, called “Creating the Impossible” or “CTI”. The idea behind the program was simple:

You choose an “impossible” project to take on over the length of the program – anything from writing your first novel to losing 30 pounds to earning $50,000. The only two prerequisites for choosing a project  are this:

1. You must believe you have a less than 50% chance for success during the time of the program.

2. You must be so inspired about what it is you want to create that you will be glad of any time you spend invested in creating it, regardless of how things turn out.

Thousands of people participated over the next three years. Some created new jobs, new relationships, and new income. Others lost weight, left bad situations, broke habits, and moved on with their lives in ways they hadn’t imagined possible. Many people “failed” at their initial project (after all, it was impossible to achieve in the time frame of the program by design) but re-invigorated their lives and work and went on to exceed their goals over time. Best of all, the community that formed around supporting one another in creating their impossible dreams was like an instant family that many people said was their favorite part of the experience.

So why did I stop running the program?

That question drove me nuts for three years. I had been offered a book deal to translate the program into the written word, and had even begun exploring in-house programs with major corporations, a special version of the program for non-profits, and a television game show format. Yet something inside me gave a clear and unequivocal “no” each time the opportunity to move forward presented itself.

Was it low self-esteem? An instinct for self-sabotage? Or could my inner wisdom really have been guiding me away from what seemed like an obvious path to success?

Earlier this year, I had an insight that not only answered that question but also opened up a way to revisit creating the impossible in a way that had previously seemed, well, impossible.

While CTI was really, really fun, it was also exhausting. Imagine running a race for 30 consecutive days with a coach shouting in your ear and a crowd of people you love cheering you on. You would no doubt exceed your previously held limitations and increase your fitness, but you would also need massive recovery time in order for your body to repair itself both during and after your “month on fire”. And while “quality recovery time” was a concept on the program, it was perhaps the least practiced or understood by everyone, including me.

Quite simply, we exceeded our mental limitations by putting undue strain on our physical bodies. It was not only unsustainable, it was symptomatic of an underlying cultural meme:

fancy philosoraptor - You can rest When you're dead

And what I saw earlier this year was this:

You don’t need to shorten your life in order to have what makes it worth living. b

So I decided to put it to the test and run a small group through a new version of the program. One participant set out to get married in 8 weeks and opened herself up to love instead. Another wanted to work with Bill Gates and opened up her world along the way. One set out to make money and found the freedom he thought that only money could buy; another wound up with the woman of his dreams, something which had seemed so impossible it didn’t even emerge as a project until several weeks into the program.

Now it’s your turn!

If you’d like to create the impossible in 2015, I invite you to join me and the Supercoach team for Creating the Impossible 2.0: A 90 day adventure that will change your life forever.

Instead of shouting encouragement from the sidelines, I’ll be whispering in your ear throughout the journey with daily audio messages from Sunday to Friday of each week. Every Tuesday we’ll get together a a community and I’ll offer real-time coaching and support on our group calls.

If you like Facebook, we’ll be using it as an online watering hole exclusive for participants where you can share your wins and “wow!”s, dissolve your challenges in love and laughter, and ask for community support in making your impossible dreams come true.

The only thing you need to bring to the table is something you’d love to create and a willingness to change your mind once and for all about what’s truly possible in your world…

Are you ready to begin?

With all my love,


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