Mojo (#890)

In the movie Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me​, Dr. Evil attempts to thwart the heroic title character by stealing his “mojo”:


​He defines “mojo” ​as “…the libido. The life force. The essence. The right stuff.  What the French call a certain ‘I don’t know what’.” And with the exception of the fact that “mojo” is invisible to the eye and can’t be stolen by anything outside of ourselves, this is a fantastic evil plan. Because when a person has their mojo working, anything is possible; when it’s not, they struggle to get out of bed in the morning and even more to take on the challenges and opportunities of the day.

While the dictionary tells us that “mojo” originally referred to a magical charm bag used in African hoodoo, it also defines it as follows:


a power that may seem magical and that allows someone
to be very effective, successful, etc.


In my work unleashing the human potential with people from all walks of life, I see the impact of this power in every facet of a person’s life. When you’re “online” and on your game, you can move mountains; when you’re “offline” and off your game, the mountains seem to be three times the height and the possibility they might be moved doesn’t even occur as a thought in your head.

​In The Inside-Out Revolution, I talk about it like this:

Regardless of our personalities and personal histories, we all have within us a deeper essence that’s untouched by conditioning and circumstances. We could call this part of us ‘the light within’ or ‘the inner flame’ and it’s the source of our fundamental sense of inspiration, crackle, and aliveness. Some of my clients have called it their ‘twinkle’ – the spark of life inside them that appears as a twinkle in the eye on the outside.

This inner glow is made of pure Consciousness  but when we get caught up in the dream of thought, we get cut off from it.  Most of us don’t notice this disconnection at first, except as a vague sense of something not being quite right.  Work just isn’t as fulfilling as it once was, our partner isn’t quite as handsome or beautiful or loving as we thought they were, and don’t even get us started on what might be wrong with us…

…So regardless of what problem we think we have, our only real problem is feeling cut off from our innate wisdom and well-being [i.e. our mojo]. And the moment we reconnect to that source energy, our problems stop being so problematic and we move into a new reality.


In other words, our “mojo” can’t be taken from us because it isn’t a thing – It’s a description of the feeling we get when we are aware of the intelligence and energy of the universe running through us. When we’re in touch with that invisible energy, we are “live wires” – filled with power and capable of creating sparks of inspiration and lighting up whatever we touch.

By way of contrast, the feeling of “losing our mojo” comes when we get caught up in our thinking and lose touch with that connection to source – like unplugging from the mains and running on battery power instead. At first we might not notice the difference, but over time, as our batteries get run down, we operate with less and less power until we can barely keep the lights on, let alone light up the world.

Fortunately, no matter how run down your battery gets, the moment you plug back in to the universal mind you are running on full power. And the moment you “find your mojo”, you’ll also find your apparent problems shrinking back down to size as your capacity to handle whatever life sends your way with creativity, ease, and grace returns to the natural factory preset.

Have fun, learn heaps, and may all your success be fun!

With all my love,


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