Speaking the Impossible (#717)

To begin today’s tip, I would like you to think about something that you would really love to be, do, have, or change in your life but it seems impossible that you ever will.

This is not a “fantasy”, in the sense that it defies the laws of time, space, and matter, but rather something you really do want in your life that really does seem beyond unlikely for you to have it.

(My favorite “defying the laws of physics” fantasy would be to have the power of teleportation. I would love that, especially on days like today where I’m awaiting an afternoon flight back to LA. If I could teleport, I wouldn’t have to take an hour’s cab ride to the airport and then spend another hour in line going through security; I’d be able to just make one of those humming noises like on Star Trek and then there I’d be, sitting in the living room with Nina and the kids.  The coolest bit is that the dogs would begin to bark moments before I appeared, turning their heads sideways as the energy began to swirl, invisible to everyone but them.)

So for this exercise, choose something that you really do want in your life and is theoretically possible, but it really does seem impossible for you to have it – because you’re too old or too young, too smart or not smart enough. Maybe it would be possible if you had this upbringing instead of that upbringing, or this much money instead of that much money, or if the world were designed this way instead of that way. But for whatever reason, it just doesn’t seem possible for you.

Now, once you’ve chosen your impossible goal for this exercise, I want you to do something a little bit unusual. I’d like you to speak it out loud at least a dozen times and notice if you have more energy around it or less. Keep speaking it out loud until you can really feel the energy shift in one direction or another.

For most people, their energy goes up.  If yours went down, you can try it again with a different “impossible” goal or simply keep speaking it until it shifts.

Once you’re energy has gone up around it, you’re ready for the next step:

Go and speak your “impossible” goal to someone else.

It can be someone you know, someone you trust, or even a complete stranger. But I’d like you to speak it to someone and notice what happens to your energy after you have spoken it.

Don’t confuse this with what happens in your body when you think about speaking it, or even as you’re speaking it. In fact, until you’ve spoken it out loud to someone else, just assume that whatever you think about what it’s going to be like is just wrong!

Because once you’ve actually done it, once you’ve spoken your “impossible” goal aloud, it becomes more possible.  It seems more real. In fact, speaking your desire aloud is the first step in the process of its creation.

A friend once told me about how candles were originally made.  What the candle makers would do is to take a wick, dip it in hot wax, and then take it out.  And a little bit of the wax sticks.  And they let it dry and then they stick the wick back in the wax and take it out again.  And of course, now more wax sticks because there’s more substance to it.  It’s more solid – it’s got more surface area.  And then they let it cool and they put it in again. And each time they dip the wick, the candle gets more and more solid. It gets more and more tangible.  It gets more and more real.

In the same way, each time we speak what we want, even if we think it’s “impossible”, we speak what we want into being.  Because each time you speak about what you want, it becomes just a little bit more real to you.  It adds wax to your candle.  It makes it seem more solid.  Eventually, it becomes so real that other people can start to see it too.  Sometimes they can even see it before you can.  And the clearer and more solid the vision appears, the easier and easier it becomes to create it in the world.

So if you want to create the impossible in your own life, your business, your relationships, and in the world, it begins by simply being willing to speak it.

Have fun, learn heaps, and make the impossible happen!

With love,

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