Things I’m Avoiding Doing December Challenge Day Eighteen – “Done” Lists

As part of our annual Creating the Impossible challenge, I often invite participants to begin keeping a “done” list – a list of everything they have actually done that day, regardless of whether or not it began its day on a list.
This is the opposite of a “to do” list – your list will get longer as the day goes on instead of shorter. But by the end of each day, you wind up with a pretty clear sense of how much (or how little) you’ve actually been prioritizing the things you’ve been avoiding doing and how much (or how little) time you’ve spent doing other things instead.
Instead of using the list to judge yourself, I recommend just noticing what you notice and carrying on with the exercise. In my experience, within a week of simply paying attention by writing it down, your priorities begin to change “all by themself” and more things start disappearing off your “Things I’m Avoiding Doing” list then ever before.
Have fun, learn heaps, and happy experimenting!
With all my love,

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