Where’s The Money? (#675)

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Do what you love and the money will follow’. But what do you do if it doesn’t?

I once went on a seminar for budding film makers where the overwhelming mood was one of pessimism, helplessness and even despair at the difficulty in getting funding for producing and distributing independent movies.

After a particularly inspirational talk by one independent film producer about her idea for an upcoming project, someone stood up and in a voice dripping with cynicism said ‘Sounds great – but where’s the money going to come from?’

Without missing a beat, the producer said “From wherever it is now.”

In this past week, a client of mine sent me an e-mail about an artist friend raising a similar question:

“She has done all this work, both inner and outer, and is now at a point where her savings are running out. It looks like she will have to take a job to support herself. She feels quite sad about this, and thinks that working at something she doesn’t want to do will take a lot of time and energy away from continuing to work on what she really wants to do.”

This is actually a remarkably common dilemma – wanting to be paid for doing what you love but needing the money to live your life in the meantime.

Here is an excerpt from my reply:

“It’s very difficult to have a successful business when your life sucks. Not impossible, just difficult. If you’re spending all your time and energy worrying about money, it’s going to affect every aspect of your business, encouraging you to make poor business decisions (because you ‘need’ the money), negotiate poor business deals (because you ‘need’ the money), and basically be led around by the nose by fear and greed (because you ‘need’ the money).

In that sense, we can make a fairly universal business guideline which says:

*Don’t ‘need’ the money!*

How do we actually do that?

Two main ways:

1. Recognize that your well-being is not dependent on your bank balance

2. Have more money

Two ways to have more money:

1. Make more of it

2. Keep more of it

There is a big difference between taking a job because you’ve been defeated by the money monster in the Valley of the Giants and taking a job as part of your financial freedom/’Wow!’ goal project.

If you recognize that you need $3000 a month to live comfortably, one of the best goals you can set yourself is to have $18,000 in a reservoir savings account before you go full time with your ‘heart’ business. Along the way, you can continue to be building and working that business while you earn your keep through other sources.

Nearly everyone I know who’s broken through financially to doing what they love as a successful business (myself included) had to at some point stop trying to control where the money came from and open up to it coming from wherever it wants to come from. It’s like the old joke about God and the true believer who died in the flood – ‘I sent you a car, a boat, and a helicopter – all you had to do was climb on board!'”

While that may sound ‘too easy’ for those of you going through money worries of your own, here’s what happened with my client’s friend:

She made a list of all the things she loved to do (even those that weren’t to do directly with her art) and all the things she didn’t like about the prospect of full-time employment. Within hours, she was inspired to post an e-mail to a nanny website and a few hours later she received a reply from a wealthy family in her neighborhood.

Less than 72 hours after letting go of trying to control where the money came from, she had agreed to a well-paid position cooking and looking after a young child (two things she loved doing) which gave her the time and money to do her art with ease and freedom.

And as for my client?

She wrote me that within 72 hours of letting go of trying to ‘make’ money come exclusively from her spiritual teaching, she has allowed herself to be hired to coach singing (something she loves doing) by someone who attended one of her yoga classes!

Today’s Experiment:

1. What is your life’s work? That is, if you could be paid to do what you love, what would you choose to be paid to do?

2. Figure out how much money you want to have each month while you are working towards doing what you love as a ‘full-time job’.

3. Create a ritual for yourself where you let go of trying to tell God, life or the universe where the money has to come from. Imagine yourself opening up to the money coming in ‘from wherever it is now’.

4. Follow up with any inspired actions that occur to you over the next 72 hours!

Have fun, learn heaps and please share your experiences of working with today’s tip on the Genius Catalyst forums.


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