Creating the Impossible – Money Made Fun

I often run a smaller group within the group for CTI, allowing me to work a little bit more closely with people whose projects and/or interests have an overlapping topic. Last year, the group was called CTI for Writers, and it was for anyone either working on a writing project over the 90 days of the program or with a particular interest in both the creative spark and technical craft of writing.

This year, “Money Made Fun” is for anyone who either is working on a money-based project or simply wants to have fun and learn heaps even (and perhaps even especially) when money is involved. We’ll be exploring together, getting underneath our thought-created realities around money and seeing how our experience of money changes when we bring our deeper selves and higher feelings to the conversation.

Along with all the regular videos, audios, webinars, and support of the CTI community, you’ll get an additional video every Wednesday of the program where I’ll introduce a relevant theme in our money exploration. There’ll also be six additional Thursday webinars with me throughout the 90 days (approximately every other week) focused exclusively on how when our understanding of money changes, our relationship with money transforms for the better.

Webinar Dates for Money Made Fun (Thursdays at 9am PT for 60 mins, unless stated)

  • January 20th
  • Wednesday February 2nd
  • February 17th
  • March 3rd
  • March 17th
  • March 31st
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Program Includes

  • 16 Sessions