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Financial Freedom from the Inside Out

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  1. Introduction: Welcome to the Program
  2. Foundation Session One: How to Get the Most Out of the Program
  3. Foundation Session Two: Taking a Fresh Look at Freedom
  4. Foundation Session Three: The Truth About Money
  5. Foundation Session Four: What Money’s Good For (and What it Isn’t)
  6. Foundation Session Five The Inside-Out Understanding, part one
  7. Foundation Session Six: The Inside-Out Understanding, part two
  8. Foundation Session Seven: Living from the Inside-Out
  9. Foundation Session Eight: “Alone and Afraid in a World I Never Made”
  10. Foundation Session Nine: Beyond Cultural Conditioning
  11. Foundation Session Ten: Worry and Fear
  12. Practical Session One: Money Made Fun
  13. Practical Session Two: The Two Keys to Solving any Financial Problem
  14. Practical Session Three: The Value Formula
  15. Practical Session Four: How to Make Money
  16. Practical Session Five: The Fundamental RelationSHIFT
  17. Practical Session Six: A Whole New Way of Thinking About Selling
  18. Practical Session Seven: The Power of Aliveness
  19. Practical Session Eight: The Three-Legged Stool
  20. Practical Session Nine: Overcoming the Fear of Rejection
  21. Practical Session Ten: Customer Astonishment
  22. Practical Session Eleven: Make Good Lemonade
  23. Session Twelve: The Nature of Debt
  24. Practical Session Thirteen: Why do People Get into Debt?
  25. Practical Session Fourteen: Financial Freedom in the Midst of Bankruptcy
  26. Practical Session Fifteen: Freedom, Abundance, and Thriving
  27. Coaching Sessions Introduction
  28. Coaching Session with Neetan
  29. Coaching Session with Helen
  30. Coaching Session with Mickey
  31. Webinar Recordings with Michael and Steve
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Foundation Session Three: The Truth About Money

Part One: The Foundation

The Truth About Money

  • The history of money
  • How the value of money gets determined

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