Financial Freedom from the Inside Out

Join internationally renowned authors Michael Neill and Steve Chandler for a journey into the heart of financial freedom. In this practical yet light-hearted program, Michael and Steve will guide you towards a whole new relationship with your finances – a relationship that is filled with freedom, fun, and maybe even a whole lot of money…

In part one of the program, The Foundation, Michael and Steve introduce you to the inside-out understanding – a whole new way of making sense of yourself, your psychology, and your financial life. They’ll also take you on a tour of money through the ages, clarifying what money’s good for, what it isn’t, and why getting clear on that is one of the keys to financial freedom. Along the way, you’ll uncover a deeper capacity inside yourself for freedom, creativity, and fun. Finally, you’ll learn to go beyond your personal and cultural conditioning and discover what it is to be truly financially fearless!

Then in part two, The Practicals, they’ll walk you through what they’ve seen in over 50 years of working with clients on “money stuff”, including problem solving, sales, fear of rejection, customer service, debt, and above all, how to make money (and make making money fun). By the time you’re finished with part two, you might well find yourself bringing your products or services to market in a whole new way, with a real sense of ease and freedom.

Finally, in part three, The Coaching, Steve will introduce three coaching sessions where Michael works with people just like you who are looking to experience more freedom around their finances, in their work, and in their lives. You’ll get to revisit the core principles and understandings behind the program in a completely different way, seeing how they come to life when theory meets practice and the rubber meets the road.


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Program Includes

  • 31 Sessions