Going Deeper 2021

If you’re interested in experiencing more of this deeper sense of peace, clarity, and wellbeing for yourself, I’m running a new program in 2021 called Going Deeper. It’s for anyone who wants to throw themselves directly into the spiritual conversation and see what emerges.

  • Our time together will begin with The Advanced Course – an hour a day Monday to Friday for the first three weeks of May. Over the next four months, we’ll spend 8 full days together online culminating in September with one simple intention – to go experientially deeper into our spiritual nature.
  • The full program costs $1995

You’ll also get:

Six masterclasses with me and some of my favorite teachers, mentors, and guides in this understanding

  • Over 60 short videos especially created to help you touch the space within between our live interactions
  • An online (but off Facebook) forum group to share your experiences and deepen your sense of being part of a spiritual community
  • Instant access to 30 hours of recordings from the Advanced Course 4.0 and the Advanced Course 2020:


  • Advanced Course 4.0 (2019)
    -Week one: Before the Therefore
    -Week two: Realizing Mental Health
    -Week three: Falling in Love with Life


  • Advanced Course 2020
    -Week one: The Original Point
    -Week two: The Space Before Thought
    -Week three: Keeping it Real
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Program Includes

  • 11 Sessions
  • 12 Lessons