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Might Help, Can't Hurt! Conversations with Leaders, Doers, and Friends

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  1. Ep 41 - Peter M. Krask on the messiness of creativity
  2. Ep 40 - Laura Gates on a paradoxical view of conflict resolution
  3. Ep 39 - Mark Silver on doing business as an act of love
  4. Ep 38 - Dr. Jack Pransky on transforming communities one person at a time
  5. Ep 37 - Shaa Wasmund, MBE on humor, humility, and entrepreneurial success
  6. Ep 36 - Mike Dooley on the phenomenal power of thought
  7. Ep 35 - Beverly Wilson Hayes on uncovering our innate mental health
  8. Ep 34 - Robert J. Crane on writing for a living (as part a of a wonderful life)
  9. Ep 33 - Dr. Srikumar Rao on doing business in a benevolent universe
  10. Ep 32 - Nicola Bird on living in a world without anxiety
  11. Ep 31 - Michelle Walder on the changing world of work
  12. Ep 30 - Nic Askew on finding an end to seeking
  13. Ep.29 - Reed and Krista Smith on addiction and recovery from the inside-out
  14. Ep. 28 - The Spark Initiative on how to educate hearts and minds of children
  15. Ep 27 - Dr. Bill Pettit on mental health in turbulent times
  16. Ep 26 - Genpo Roshi on living an extraordinarily ordinary life
  17. Ep 25 - Billy Blanks on learning as you go
  18. Ep 24 - Susie Pearl on imagining the improbable
  19. Ep 23 - Ginny Clarke on career mapping, diversity, and the future of work
  20. Ep 22 - Steve Chandler on unleashing creativity
  21. Ep 21 - Rebels for Peace
  22. Ep 20 - Barbara Patterson on the hidden variable in pretty much everything
  23. Ep 19 - David Glazer on navigating data to cure cancer, COVID-19 and more
  24. Ep 18 - Shama Hyder on doing business in rapidly changing times
  25. Ep 17 - Brianne Grebil on love and dementia
  26. Ep 16 - Dr. Peter Fenner on dancing in non-duality
  27. Ep 15 - Mavis Karn on waking up to who we really are
  28. Ep 14 - Rob Cook on race (and all that that entails)
  29. Ep 13 - Ajit Nawalkha on why coaching matters
  30. Ep 12 - Dr. Dicken Bettinger on the nature of meditation
  31. Ep 11 - Bill Cumming on how to make a difference
  32. Ep 10 - Michael Bungay Stanier on the future of business
  33. Ep 9 - Paul McKenna on laughter, creativity, and mental health
  34. Ep 8 - Professor Anthony Kessel on global health and teen resilience
  35. Ep 7 - Dr. Robert Holden on the death of normal
  36. Ep 6 - Anita Moorjani on the perils of doing what you love
  37. Ep 5 - Mara Gleason on the one solution for personal and global challenges
  38. Ep 4 - Fiona Jacob on finding grace in the midst of chaos
  39. Ep 3 - Rich Litvin on leading, coaching, and parenting
  40. Ep 2 - Charles Davies on how to be clear
  41. Ep 1 - Jamie Smart on living well in uncertain times


In this episode, I spoke with Eirik Olsen, Dajohn White, Prince Jimmar, and Cambria Khayat about the amazing work they’re doing with youth in Chicago to unleash their “superpowers” and light a spark for peace and possibility in a confused and confusing world. To learn more about Rebels for Peace and One Solution Global, and to make a donation, you can find their information below: Websites: Social media: @rebelsforpeace @onesolglobal To support the work of Rebels for Peace and the One Solution Global Foundation, please consider making a donation to their campaign: