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Might Help, Can't Hurt! Conversations with Leaders, Doers, and Friends

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  1. Ep 41 - Peter M. Krask on the messiness of creativity
  2. Ep 40 - Laura Gates on a paradoxical view of conflict resolution
  3. Ep 39 - Mark Silver on doing business as an act of love
  4. Ep 38 - Dr. Jack Pransky on transforming communities one person at a time
  5. Ep 37 - Shaa Wasmund, MBE on humor, humility, and entrepreneurial success
  6. Ep 36 - Mike Dooley on the phenomenal power of thought
  7. Ep 35 - Beverly Wilson Hayes on uncovering our innate mental health
  8. Ep 34 - Robert J. Crane on writing for a living (as part a of a wonderful life)
  9. Ep 33 - Dr. Srikumar Rao on doing business in a benevolent universe
  10. Ep 32 - Nicola Bird on living in a world without anxiety
  11. Ep 31 - Michelle Walder on the changing world of work
  12. Ep 30 - Nic Askew on finding an end to seeking
  13. Ep.29 - Reed and Krista Smith on addiction and recovery from the inside-out
  14. Ep. 28 - The Spark Initiative on how to educate hearts and minds of children
  15. Ep 27 - Dr. Bill Pettit on mental health in turbulent times
  16. Ep 26 - Genpo Roshi on living an extraordinarily ordinary life
  17. Ep 25 - Billy Blanks on learning as you go
  18. Ep 24 - Susie Pearl on imagining the improbable
  19. Ep 23 - Ginny Clarke on career mapping, diversity, and the future of work
  20. Ep 22 - Steve Chandler on unleashing creativity
  21. Ep 21 - Rebels for Peace
  22. Ep 20 - Barbara Patterson on the hidden variable in pretty much everything
  23. Ep 19 - David Glazer on navigating data to cure cancer, COVID-19 and more
  24. Ep 18 - Shama Hyder on doing business in rapidly changing times
  25. Ep 17 - Brianne Grebil on love and dementia
  26. Ep 16 - Dr. Peter Fenner on dancing in non-duality
  27. Ep 15 - Mavis Karn on waking up to who we really are
  28. Ep 14 - Rob Cook on race (and all that that entails)
  29. Ep 13 - Ajit Nawalkha on why coaching matters
  30. Ep 12 - Dr. Dicken Bettinger on the nature of meditation
  31. Ep 11 - Bill Cumming on how to make a difference
  32. Ep 10 - Michael Bungay Stanier on the future of business
  33. Ep 9 - Paul McKenna on laughter, creativity, and mental health
  34. Ep 8 - Professor Anthony Kessel on global health and teen resilience
  35. Ep 7 - Dr. Robert Holden on the death of normal
  36. Ep 6 - Anita Moorjani on the perils of doing what you love
  37. Ep 5 - Mara Gleason on the one solution for personal and global challenges
  38. Ep 4 - Fiona Jacob on finding grace in the midst of chaos
  39. Ep 3 - Rich Litvin on leading, coaching, and parenting
  40. Ep 2 - Charles Davies on how to be clear
  41. Ep 1 - Jamie Smart on living well in uncertain times

This surprisingly light-hearted deep conversation with Brianne RenĂ© Grebil, was about what we can learn from caring for loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Brianne is the author of the moving, helpful, and hopeful new book Love Doesn’t Care if You Forget. We also took a brief detour near the end to talk about pop sensation Billie Eilish – you’ll have to listen in to find out why that’s relevant! To learn more about Brianne, you can find her information below. Website: To grab a copy of Love Doesn’t Care if You Forget: