Does it ever seem to you like your life is an uphill battle?

Do you wish you could experience more joy, ease, and freedom without working so hard at it all the time?

Would you be open to things changing for the better without effort, struggle, or strain?

If you’re ready for an easier, gentler, more vibrantly alive experience of being in the world, join internationally renowned teachers Dr. Dicken Bettinger and Michael Neill for a surprisingly light-hearted deep conversation about the nature of the mind.

Topics covered will include:

✔️ How simple change can be (and why it often seems so hard)

✔️ Going from theory to practice to embodied understanding

✔️ The “right use” of the mind

✔️ How to solve, resolve, or dissolve any problem

✔️ What love’s got to do with it

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Program Includes

  • 2 Sessions