Small Group Practicum – Group Three

We will meet in a small group with Michael and/or members of the Genius Catalyst faculty and be put “on the spot” with specific tasks designed to take your impact to the next level. Those tasks will be custom-created for each small group, and while that means we can’t (and wouldn’t 😉 tell you exactly what they’ll entail, they could range from facilitating discussions to giving short talks to working with someone one on one in front of the group.

Each small group will get an equal amount of time with Michael and with each of the other Genius Catalyst faculty members.

Group Three
Wednesdays at 7:30am PT / 10:30 am ET / 3:30pm UK
28th June
12th July
30th August
20th September
11th October
25th October
8th November
29th November
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This course is currently closed

Program Includes

  • 2 Sessions