Week One: Beyond the Paradigm

I’ve been teaching the principles as an Inside-Out paradigm for the past five years, and I find it an excellent way to help people see the inside-out nature of experience, step outside of their self-consciousness, and experience more of their true nature.
But there’s more to understanding the principles than telling yourself “it’s just a thought” whenever you’re feeling lousy. In this first week, we’ll explore both the logic of the principles and the space within us where logic is utterly irrelevant.

Week Two: What is Truth?

One of the most common places people get bogged down in learning about the principles is when they take them on as “beliefs” – useful theories about how the world works that are interchangeable with other useful theories about how the world works.
But the impact of the principles is in their unchanging, unflinching capital “T” Truth – and once you embrace that difference it’s a whole new conversation. This distinction will be the basis of our exploration during week two.

Week Three: Living from Mind

As we spend a third week exploring the truth of the Principles in our own lives, we’ll focus in on what it is to live in and from the deeper Mind.

How does a life lived from Mind differ from the path of the ego?

What does it really mean to be “used for a purpose recognized by yourself to be a mighty one?”

This is the ultimate payoff of a deeper understanding – a more pervasive sense of peace and a life well-lived.

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