With Michael Neill

A three day online intensive to help yourself and others create cool stuff in the world

Would you like to be able to have a massive positive impact on yourself and in the lives of others?

For years, I have been somewhat obsessed with how things get created in the world – that 98% unpredictable, 100% reliable process by which the seed of an idea gets planted in the fertile void of the creative mind and something new and vibrantly alive comes into being.

In this fun and practical exploration of effortless creation and inspired action, you’ll learn to both fall in love with creating in the world and to help your clients, colleagues, family and friends to do the same!

You can book your place on the upcoming Creating in the World 3 day intensive for only $995.

Join me for Creating in the World

If you’ve ever struggled connecting the dots between a spiritual conversation about the deeper nature of the mind with the practical world of productivity and results, this is where it all comes together!

While a large chunk of our time will be spent coaching and being coached around creating in the world, there are some general themes we will be exploring during our time together, including:

  • How ideas get from inside our heads out into the world
  • What it means to help people create from “beyond” their psychology
  • The keys to unleashing creativity and innovation on demand
  • What to do when you lose your mojo and get insecure about creating
  • Getting better at getting good

February 4th-6th

We will run from 10am – 5pm EST each day, which is 7am – 2pm Pacific and 3pm – 10pm in the UK.

Sign up today for just $995 

Thank you so much Michael, your team and everyone who participated in this 3 day intensive. I am truly nourished and inspired by all the was shared and experienced. Pure gold. I always feel at home here and that alone is priceless. 💖

Thank you. Thank you everyone, thank you Michael and your wonderful team. Yes, deeper and deeper, living this, the privilege and beauty of coaching, being with others, ourselves. Thank you, thank you. What a super rich weekend! 🌟

Wow everyone, I just wanted to say thank you so much for a powerful three days! Thank you to everyone exploring with me in the group coaching sessions and a huge gratitude to everyone who shared your vulnerability, honesty, and powerful sessions with Michael. This community and these connections and this energy is what it is all about and I am honored to be able to share in it. ❤️