Living Fearlessly with Michael Neill


“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

💡 What if fear isn’t a response to what’s happening in the world but rather a response to what’s happening inside your mind?

💡 What if it were possible to live, love, and work from a space beyond fear, regardless of what’s going on in the world around us?

Every session in this self-study program was created with one aim in mind – to give you the experience of what it is to live without fear. While that may seem impossible, it’s actually the way human beings are designed to live. 

The “fear function” in the human operating system is meant to work as a kind of a “check engine light” for the mind, letting us know when our thinking is taking us away from the present moment and into scary scenarios from the past or future.

When you truly see fear for what it is, it leads to a game-changing realization about the human condition:

You don’t have to be afraid – and it’s perfectly OK if you are.

Join internationally renowned “supercoach” Michael Neill for this fun and transformative exploration of what it’s like to live fearlessly – to show up, be yourself, and see what happens with nothing to fear and everything to play for.

Want to learn more?  Watch the introduction to the program below….

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Here's what we'll be exploring together, session by session:

🎬 Session One – There’s No Such Thing as Fear

If you’ve spent a lot of time trying to cope and deal with fear and anxiety, the idea that “there’s no such thing as fear” probably sounds a bit delusional. But you can’t put fear in a wheelbarrow – and as soon as you stop thinking about fear as something that happens to you and recognize it as something created from inside your mind, your relationship with fear begins to change for the better.

🎬  Session Two – A Whole New Way of Thinking About the Past

Does it ever feel like with a past like yours, being scared is both a logical and inevitable response to life? As you listen to the real life stories in this session, your understanding of “past”, “present”, and “future” will begin to change. And as you gain insight into what it means to live “before the because”, you’ll find life starts feeling a lot less scary and heck of a lot more fun.

🎬  Session Three – You’re Not Afraid of What You Think You’re Afraid Of

Have you ever wondered why you’re afraid of different things than other people, and why they’re afraid of different things than you? As you’ll discover in this session, the reason is surprisingly simple. And when you start to see that you’re never afraid of what you think you’re afraid of – you’re afraid of what you think – your experience of the world around you begins to change for the better.

🎬  Session Four – The Space Before Fear

Whether we call it “the space before fear”, “your true nature”, or even just “being yourself”, it is not only possible to live our lives from a place of profound wellbeing regardless of our circumstances, it’s an essential part of our divine architecture. In this session, you’ll be exploring the truth of who you are and how well you’re made – and how nothing needs to change for you to experience less fear, more wellbeing, and greater success with less effort and more ease than ever before.

This course has brought deeper understanding, both of the obvious and more subtle ways I scare myself every day and that feeling feelings is what we are made for in living a fuller life. The ocean can never be engulfed , however big and scary the waves – although as yet, that is still an intellectual understanding that I will likely lose sight of in the midst of the storm. But overall, feeling a deeper understanding that indeed ‘ if we could just learn not to be afraid of our experience, that alone would change the world’

Julie, United Kingdom

🎬 Session Five, parts one and two – An Unhelpful Habit

What if fear as we experience it is nothing more than an unhelpful habit of thought? And what if it’s easier to drop a habit than you think? As you go through the exercise at the heart of this two-part session, you’ll be surprised at how your relationship with fear begins to change. You’ll also have a simple but powerful way of freeing yourself from “the fear habit”, along with any other habits you may struggle with in your life.

🎬  Session Six – Essential Selfishness

We’ve all heard that “in case of an emergency” we should put our own oxygen masks on first so that we can better take care of those around us. But for many of us, that means we don’t put ourselves first unless and until things have gotten pretty bad and we notice that we’re in danger of going down with the plane. During this session, you’ll take a deep dive into why selfishness has gotten such a bad rap over the years and how taking better care of yourself naturally leads to both fearless living and caring more fully for others.

🎬 Session Seven – Fearless Navigation

In times of great uncertainty we have two choices. We can do our best to mitigate that uncertainty by attempting to predict and navigate imaginary futures, or we can take advantage of our inner GPS to guide us by feel and create seemingly effortless success in our endeavors. In this final session, you’ll get a tangible sense of how your real-time responsive intelligence can work in harmony with your intellect to create positive futures in every area of your life. You’ll find yourself living more fully in the present moment and taking up residence in the space beyond fear.

🎬 Bonus Session – Stories, Metaphors, and More

In this bonus session, Michael shares a few of his favorite metaphors and stories about fear. As you listen, you’ll realize how easy it can be to get caught up in fear and how quickly things can completely change for the better.   

Watch a preview from Session Six

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Here’s what participants on the recent three week live version
of the program had to say:

During the second session of the program it was like being hit with a ton of bricks After 12 years of banging my head against the wall over & over again. I felt a shift – my biggest AHA moment since I found out where babies REALLY come from…

I’ve been NOTICING my thoughts forever. But I've spent so much time trying to analyze them & find the underlying reasons I haven’t been creating in my life that I forgot I could just let them go.

The past 10 weeks have been the most joyful time in recent memory.
– Instead of “striving” so hard, I just simply did the work
– Instead of feeling guilty over my idleness, I just let it go
– Instead of trying to motivate myself, I just enjoyed the process.

I feel like I just got off a super-bumpy bus ride that was going in circles. I’m home.

Ken, United States

This course is a bit like going to a spa - we have to drink lots of water as the ‘shit’ gets stirred up and released... When I showered today I noticed my muscles are relaxed. I didn’t feel my shoulders drop from their place up by my ears, they were already where they should be. I explored other areas for tension. Not there.

That sense of bracing for impact had gone!

Life can’t sucker punch me. When I thought life hit me hard for no reason, that was just made of my own thinking about what had happened.

This course is cheaper than a good massage and I know the effects will be longer lasting. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible.

Lesley, United Kingdom

This course has been really helpful. I have elderly parents (in their 90s) who live 4.5 hours away from me. Dad is not doing so well and Mum is his carer. I have some really fearful thinking about this.

When my mobile shows ‘Mum Mobile’ my heart sinks and my inner monologue takes over. 'What has happened now? Do we need to get the doctor out? Do we need an ambulance? How much longer will Mum be able to keep caring for him? I feel so helpless. This is what the next 10 years of my life is going to be like. I will never have my time...' Yep, you can see the thinking :).

Even knowing what I know, I couldn’t see I was making up a story in this area of my life!

Since beginning the program over the last week or so I have managed to get some distance between my thinking and me. My learning has been to enjoy each phone call with my mum, even the difficult ones. I will know what to do if there is an emergency, and the calmer and more together I am, the more I will be able to support and help. Thank you, Michael!

Joanna, United Kingdom

It seemed a given that I was constantly anxious because such was life. That wasn’t true.

It seemed a given that I had to use that anxiety/insecurity/fear to navigate my life. That feeling was real and gave me information about what is safe and what is not, what to do and what not, what to say and what not, who to be with and who not. That wasn’t true.

What is true? There has been a weird sort of unknown for the past 3 days as one reality crumbles, and another hasn’t formed yet. There is a temptation to hold to what is familiar. Yet, there is an invitation to open up to the choice I never knew existed.

My little mind cannot conceive how I would navigate life without fear. But that I can choose not to navigate from fear, notice, and see what unfolds opens up possibilities.

There has been such innocence in not seeing and being in the experience of life as it seemed.

There is such beauty in seeing and a gift in knowing there is a choice. That there is a settledness underneath all the noise that is true and real. That I have always known that, and I remember. That I have lived from there in so many moments and times. And that I could rest and be guided by that.

I realize no change has to happen, and no new reality has to form. That reality has always been there when I am not making up, when it doesn’t seem sensible to be guided by fear. I am looking forward to life and what unfolds when fear is not as it seemed.

Anjali, India