Here’s how it all works:

The Fullness of Life
September 6th-8th in Los Angeles 10am-5pm (or live-streaming wherever you are in the world) 

We’ll be cleaning and polishing the mirror of Consciousness to take a fresh look at who and what you really are. You’ll finish these three days overflowing with energy and ready to take on the world, even though the world may start looking a lot kinder and less in need of being taken on.

Unf*cking Your Relationship with Money
October 4th 8am -1pm PT (online)

You’ll get the chance to make a clean break with the old and begin a new relationship with the most commonly perceived obstacle and key to convenience in the world of form – money.  is both a challenge and an invitation. It’s a challenge to take on every cultural misconception about what money is and what it can “do to us”, and an invitation to fall in love with and create your own uniquely loving relationship with it. Because this is such a big topic for so many people, you’ll not only get to spend a day with me online getting out of your own way when it comes to money, you’ll also automatically be enrolled in our three week public exploration of the same topic.

Uncovering your Soul Path
November 1st 8am-1pm PT (online)

You’ll begin to distinguish what you actually want from all the things you think you’re supposed to want out of life, and get a feel for the difference between trying to make things happen and letting them unfold.

Effortless Effort
December 6th 8am-1pm PT (online)

By this point in the program, you’ll already have multiple experiences of cool things happening without you having to have struggled and efforted and stressed to “make them” happen. But during our day together online, we’ll be taking things further to see how it’s not only possible to eliminate pressure and stress from your life, it actually allows you to be way more effective in the world.

The Best Year of Your Life
January 10th 8am-1pm PT (online)

Finally, our day together online in January will be a chance to create 2025 as The Best Year of Your Life. I’ll guide you through the same process I use each year to take stock of where I am, open up to new possibilities, and play a bigger game in the year ahead. You’ll finish the program with a massively expanded sense of who you are, what’s really on offer in the human experience, and how good life can actually get!

Each month from September to December we’ll also grab an hour together for a live recording of a Q&A session where I’ll answer the key questions that have come up for you around our topic. When it feels useful, I’ll also create and send out some additional video sessions going deeper into the monthly theme.

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  • 7 Sessions