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Would you like to shift your foundations, expand possibilities, and go deeper into the inside-out understanding?

For well over a decade I’ve been writing, speaking, teaching, and coaching people from an understanding of the mind known over the years as “the three principles”, “health realization”, and “the inside-out understanding”.  When we begin to see that we’re living in a thought-created experience of life, we’re able to hold things more lightly and adapt more quickly to changing times. As we uncover and nurture our inner spark of “genius” (i.e. aliveness, intelligence, and creativity), we find ourselves feeling at peace, able to thrive and enjoy our lives without having to know what happens next or how things will turn out in the end.

I created my Inner Circle as a place for people who want to go deeper into my work with me as their companion and guide. Based on member-feedback, we’ve added some fun and helpful resources for our community and a new low-cost monthly subscription option as well!

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:

I love anything Michael, and being in the Inner Circle feels a bit like a kid let loose in a candy store. There are so many options, so much to listen to, bringing me many ‘aha’ moments that are very uplifting.

Barbara Rosen

Monthly “Ask Me Anything” webinars where you can, well, ask me anything about what it takes to come alive and bring your genius to life

The Living from the Inside-Out self-study program, one of our most-popular introductions to the Three Principles and how they impact every area of your life ($49 value)

The ‘Backstage Pass’ gives you temporary access to a piece of content  which is either not available for purchase or is only available as part of our paid programs. Each piece will be available for seven days only, then it will disappear and be replaced by a new bit of private content for you to enjoy!
The Inner Circle discount began as a simple way of saying “thank you” to our members, but has become one of the most used and appreciated features of the membership. Over $28,000 worth of coupons, credits, and discounts have been used by Inner Circlers since 2020 began, which means active members have saved an average of $69 each on our interactive and self-study programs, effectively making their membership (nearly) free!
Premiere access to the ‘A Whole New Way of Thinking About…‘ video series with over 20 programs available to watch on demand and a new release scheduled every month. ($19.95 each when sold separately, so over $200 worth of brand new content over the course of a 12 month membership.)

24/7 access to the best material from the archives of my radio shows, blogs, tips, live talks, and workshops

A Daily Dose of Caffeine for the Soul, where every weekday we’ll send you a piece of writing designed to challenge your habitual thinking, catalyze your wisdom and creativity, and help you wake up and stay awake to the best you have inside you!

There's always something to discover, as well as so many ways to expand and simplify my thoughts in areas I wasn't even aware of needing new thinking & expansion! It's pretty much like dipping into a bottomless well of much-needed wisdom.

Aubrey Thorne Carey

Whatever I choose to listen to / watch / read, I know I’ll have an ‘aha’ moment. And there are so many things to choose from, that I know I’ll find the one I need for that day. I love to come here a bit like these books you love and read again and again, just opening a page at random, knowing that it will be helpful. The Inner Circle is just like that, no matter the page I open, it is always helpful.

Claire Wild

I love the monthly webinars, the discount code, and the chance to listen to the radio show archives (the radio show is still my favorite thing Michael’s done and I’m sad he’s not doing it anymore!) I also LOVE LOVE the “A Whole New Way” series. It’s the perfect way to take a brief but deep dive into some very common and helpful topics, and they’re perfect introductions to this understanding for my clients.

Nicholas Pallesen

My favorite thing is the plethora of different kinds (both in terms of content and medium) of information it contains, which give me the chance to deepen my understanding by looking at the reality from different angles. For such a modest investment in terms of money, it is a true bargain!

Matteo Orrù

There are now two ways to get involved and join our growing community:

1. Monthly Membership

For just $10 a month, you can take advantage of the discounts and members-only resources for the cost of 2 cups of coffee a month. (In my case, one cup of coffee, but I put a lot of weird stuff in my coffee! 🙂

Renews automatically and you can cancel at any time


2. Annual Membership 

For just $99 you can “hire” me for the year as your catalyst and guide, order today and get two months free as part of your annual membership! 

There is so much wonderful, high quality content. As well as contact time with Michael via webinars. Plus a discount code! What’s not to love thank you!

Lindsey Elliott

I love the fresh content available in the Inner Circle. I can check in anytime to hear a friendly, easy conversation and reset. If I’m back before the next call, there is plenty of great content to pull up. I also get so much from the “A Whole New Way of Thinking About.. series”. Depending on the day, different topics apply. The Inner Circle has become a great friend.

Amy Christopher

The Inner Circle is a great way to dive into Michael's body of work, and the freshness and spontaneity I continue to experience through the insights and perspectives during Michael's live sharing and the online content is contagious. I fully appreciate it! 🙂

Matt Wong

I LOVE the variety and richness of resources on the Inner Circle. I started off listening my way through years of fantastic radio shows, watched webinars based on topics I was interested in and enjoy the ease of being in touch with other members. It is fun to attend the regular webinars and explore content in the early stages. The new addition of the backstage pass is just another amazing element. Thank you so much!

Celia Bohle