Things I’m Avoiding Doing Challenge Day Three – Time and Attention

If there was such a thing as a “magic formula” for getting things done, it would look something like this:
T (time) +A (attention) =R (results)
In other words, if you want to get something done, you’ll usually get it done faster and better if you give yourself enough time and attention to do it.
The opposite is equally true – if you’re consistently not getting something done, you’re almost certainly not giving yourself enough time, giving it enough attention, or both.
A simple way to check this for yourself is to take something on your list and notice if you’re trying to get through it or you’re giving yourself the time and space to get into it instead. While it may sometimes seem to take longer to get into things than to just soldier on through them, when you’re consistently putting something off, it’s often because you’re spending more time thinking about it than doing it.
Have fun, learn heaps, happy exploring, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!

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