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In many ways I can break my life up into two parts, and the first part lasted for pretty much the first 40 years of my life. And it was an ongoing struggle to “overcome” my problems. It was about overcoming fear. It was about overcoming anxiety. It was about overcoming depression. It was about overcoming suicidal ideation. It was about overcoming what I thought of as my inadequacy in business, and all the other things that I thought I was up against in the world. And as you might expect, I got pretty good at overcoming. I became a very successful “overcomer”, proudly considering myself a high functioning, highly successful depressive.

The second part began in a defining moment in early 2008 where I had the experience of absolutely knowing that there was nothing wrong with me. Despite over three decades spent trying to overcome what I thought of as “my nature”, there was nothing broken inside me that needed overcoming. Since I wan’t broken, I didn’t need fixing. I was, as the enlightened Scottish welder Syd Banks pointed out, “sitting in the middle of mental health”, but I just didn’t know it up until that moment.

I started to see that people don’t live in the feeling of our circumstances or our personal history; we live in the feeling of our thinking. I started to see that who I really was, who I had always been underneath all my fears of who I was afraid I was, had complete wellbeing at its core. My true self had everything it needed to thrive in the world. 

I realized that I didn’t need to work so hard to make things happen in the world. I stopped trying so hard to be the predominant creative force in my life and started to recognize that we’re made to be a kind of conduit for life’s creativity to come through. We are made to be animated and come alive with the energy and intelligence behind life itself.

Here’s how I wrote about what I saw in my book named (appropriately enough) The Inside-Out Revolution:

 The moment you catch even a glimpse of the illusory nature of the world of form, the game of life changes completely and irrevocably. No matter how scary or oppressive or insecure your experience of life may be, once you realize that it’s only your own thinking that you’re experiencing, that thinking loses much of its hold over you. You may still feel uncomfortable feelings, but because you know what’s causing them isn’t outside you, you don’t feel compelled to change the world in order to change the way you feel, any more than you would go to your television set to try to convince the characters on your favorite soap opera to change their foolish ways.

What Syd Banks saw when he had his enlightenment experience was that we live in a world of thought. Not a world influenced by thought, where positive outperforms negative and gives us a ‘competitive advantage in the marketplace,’, but a world that is actually created from thought. And the moment we stop fighting with ourselves and others about what to think and instead focus on the miracle that we are thinking, the details of life begin to work themselves out, all by themselves.

It was one of those insights where even though nothing had changed yet in my life, everything was different. And every single day since that, I’ve done my best to put it to the test in every area of my life and to share that truth with other people. Because if it’s fundamentally true that we’re made of life and living inside a reality that we’re inadvertently creating with our own thoughts, then it’s got to be true everywhere, and it’s got to be true for every single one of us.

So I started creating a series of short video catalysts called “A Whole New Way of Thinking About…”, where I took every topic that I knew my clients and my students were concerned with and explored how they would look different if people knew that they were actually living in an “inside-out” world.  A world where you are always already OK, complete, whole, and done. A world where there is nothing wrong with you. A world where you do not need fixing.

It’s a world where “the world is what you think it is”, but there’s a world beyond your thinking. Where there is the infinite creative potential of the universe of life itself at play inside you, and if only you let it take control of your mouth and your hands it will bring itself into being. 

Most people I know see this truth in one or two areas of their life but haven’t yet noticed that it’s true everywhere. So the “A Whole New Way of Thinking about…” series takes these fundamental truths about life and explores how they apply to all the seemingly disparate challenges life has on offer.

Here are the topics we’ve covered so far:

A Whole New Way of Thinking About Thought

With each series  you’ll automatically get a complimentary copy of  A Whole New Way of Thinking About Thought – an introduction and overview of the principles behind the inside-out understanding and at the heart of the entire series. Over the course of five video sessions, each one lasting less than ten minutes, you’ll come to see:

  • Why we can get so anxious and insecure so quickly without anything much changing in the world
  • How our points of view get set in stone and how to loosen them up and get back into the flow of creativity
  • Where our experience comes from and why knowing that matters
  • What it really means to “live from the inside-out”


I LOVE LOVE the “A Whole New Way” series. It’s the perfect way to take a brief but deep dive into some very common and helpful topics, and they’re perfect introductions to this understanding for my clients.

Nicholas Pallesen


I get so much from the “A Whole New Way of Thinking About.. series”. Depending on the day, different topics apply.

Amy Christopher


A Whole New Way of Thinking About…series guides me to new thinking on subjects I hadn’t previously considered. Insights on anything is wonderful.

Jodee Watkins


A Whole New Way of Thinking About… series has been so impactful. It shifted many of my perspectives on the areas Michael shared there. It helped me to look at the world simpler. 

Marina Barayeva

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Because I promise you, you will see new and fresh and different each time. And if I’m wrong, give it back to us and we will give you your money back. No harm, no foul. But after thousands and thousands of people have gone through these. I know that’s really unlikely…

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